System 96 Fusing Glass and Hot Glass products

System 96® is a family of tested-compatible glass products designed and produced to work together, both technically and artistically, in every facet of the hot glass arts; Glass Fusing, Glass Kiln Casting, Glass Blowing, Glass Torchwork. (Note that people also refer to our glass as "COE 96".)

What's New?
— Rust Transparent
— Vanilla Cream
— Peacock Green Opal
— Gold-Pink Striker

About System 96
About System 96
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Listing of System 96 Glass Fusing and Hot Glass Products Product Line
Sheet Glass
Glass Blowing Nuggets Dichroic Glass
Fusers' Reserve Frits & Powders CutUps™
Value Glass Packs Stringer & Noodle STRIPES™
Kiln Casting Plates Fusible Glass Rods Pebbles™
Kiln Casting Billets Confetti HotStart PRO™ Kiln

Glass Fusing Projects, Patterns and help
New to Glass Fusing?
We have many resources available to get you started
Craft Corner
Project Guides (Fused Glass Patterns)
Fused Glass Idea Book (PDF)

Glass Fusing Information, Firing Schedules,  and Tips

Glass Fusing Information & Tips

Firing Schedules Casting Plate Tutorial
Forming Stages Table Reactive Glass Charts
FAQs (Common Questions) Circles & Rims
Knowledge Base Combing

System 96 Sample Set

Sample Set

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