System 96 Fused Glass Project Guides

Download the step-by-step instructions for these fun fused glass projects -- and fire away! Please note: many of these guides reference components used in the System 96 Glass Craft Program. For a Glossary of Terms used, click here.

Please Note: Our Project Guides display best when using Acrobat Reader.

Vanilla Vines Garden Birds

A Ring of Posies Autumn Leaves

Aventurine Stars

Lush Garden Border


Spring Owls Fruit Border Platter

Reactive Gem Tones Hydrangea Platter

Retro Warp Color Tint

Garden Boarder Dish Garden Border Dish Natural Accents

Sea Turtle Sea Turtle Dish Jeweled Water Dish

Spirited Colors Dish Zebra Tray

Holiday Tree Rainforest Dish

Growing Wild Bamboo Grove

Stained Glass Cross
Candle Holder
Criss Cross Border

Bubble Basics Black Cord Quilt

Pattern Shift 1-2-3 Pebble Ornaments

Making Faces
Harvest Pumpkin

Daisy Tiles
Piano Keyboard

Frit Lace Accents

Ant Picnic Dish

Classic Plaid

I Love EWE Heart
Photo Heart Frame

Home Sweet Home
Fiber Paper Holiday Ornaments

Giftwrap Platter
Picture Frames

Whimsical Vases
Flower Pot Pockets

Scatter Platter
Glass Handprint

Summer Sparkler
Retro Squares

Semi-Ruffled Bowl
The Space Between

Basket Weave
Stars n' Stripes


Edgy Platter

Mediterranean Mosaic

Starry Night Platter
Peace Votive

Fishie Set
Slice of Life

Sunny Sail Votive
Party Platter

Spirit Flakes
Watermelon Platter


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