Cutting Circles & Circular Borders or Rims
Here Patty Gray teaches her simple circle-cutting technique. Following that, she demonstrates how to cut a perfect circular or oval RIM for a plate, platter or other glass design. Properly executed, these cuts will require neither grinding nor grozing, and, with Spectrum glass, are easy to accomplish.

Patty prefers cutting on a surface of carpet or padding. She cleans the glass first, which extends cutter life. In this demo, Patty is using a Silberschnitt circle cutter. Other models, like those from Inland or Glastar will do.

Working from a more-or-less square sheet, Patty locates the circle-cutter at circle-center and makes sure she has at least 1/2-inch (1.25cm) clearance on all sides.

Then, she practices the rotation of the cutter-arm to ensure that its path is free of obstructions.

Once the circle-cutter is properly positioned, she marks the center for future reference. (Knowing the center can come in handy later).

Patty oils the cutter-head before scoring. She uses a cutter oil-soaked cloth placed in a jar lid.

She rotates the cutter-arm, scoring the glass 360 degrees in a smooth motion with even pressure. Then, she removes the circle-cutter.

Next, Patty carefully turns the sheet over, so that the scored side is down.

Then she applies pressure directly to the back side of the score. In transparent glasses, you can see the score propagate, or "run" along its path. In opal, or denser glasses, you can see a "dimpling" occur as the score runs its course.

Remember to press gently. Smaller circles require more pressure, because the glass doesn't flex as easily. Seek to "run" the score completely around your circle or oval. Go over the score line a few times, all the way around, until you are satisfied the "run" is complete.

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